Sunday, October 18, 2015

Truth will be remain: Cheriyan Philip

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: CPM leader Cheriyan Philip has again come up with his reply to the allegation against him that he made anti-woman statements on his Facebook page.

He said truth will remain the same even if he apologised for making the statements. “If I am branded anti-woman, I will have to reveal many things,” he said.  

The post is like this (English translation): Long long ago when Galileo said the earth is round, the administrators asked him to correct the statement. Then he gave the reply that even if he corrected his statement the universal truth will not change. Similarly, if I tender an apology, as Sudheeran says, the truth will not die.

I was the KPCC secretary when A K Antony was its president and Sudheeran was its vice-president. Being a dignified person, I didn’t make public many secrets. Even in my biography, there are several stories of Congress leaders exploiting women. If anyone tries to make me anti-woman, I will have to disclose many things.   

Sudheeran also knows dirty stories about how certain women got seats during elections. Here also I am blaming male leaders. My small sisters Shanimol and Bindhu Krishna please don’t make me anti-woman. Don’t you know me from your childhood days. If Bindu Krishna files case against me, Congress leaders will get ‘maligned’. I should also be subjected to lie detector test and then all truths in my subconscious will come out. Then nobody will say that I said lies consciously. Nobody will say that I am anti-women, as well.” 

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