Friday, January 1, 2016

CPM for attracting more youths, maintaining high standard for membership

KOLKATA: The political resolution approved by the CPM plenum that concluded in Kolkata on Thursday has instructed the party cadres to attract more youths to the party and to maintain the standards of the membership. Plenum decisions will be implemented in a time-bound manner. This will begin from the central committee. Once in a year, the progress report of the steps taken will be critically evaluated. Different kinds of election strategy will be planned, giving emphasis to the Left Front’s electrical prospects.   

The plenum report has instructed different steps to be taken to foster the party bypassing social issues in Hindi regions. One thing is to help the growth of farmer-labourer unity and line up the lower and middle class farmers and poor labourers against aristocrats in village areas. The exploited group in society who is under the influence of aristocratic parties will be empowered to fight for their rights.

The LDF will not be just an alliance of Left parties for the sake of election but it will be the one that will exist as an army against the governing class’ faulty policies. The policy of the party will be changed according to timely needs.

Region-wise, organisations will be formed by roping in trade unions, youths and women. Dissemination of party messages will be strengthened after coordinating Citizens’ Forum and Cultural venues. Party activities will be strengthened among residents’ associations, organisations of pensioners and other professional institutions. The party will reach out to the people by intensifying agitations over social and financial issues.

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