Saturday, January 2, 2016

M B Rajesh MP mocks at Centre for LPG price rise

PALAKKAD: M B Rajesh MP has made a Facebook post, mocking at the Central government for raising the price of LPG cylinder. The post is titled ‘A New Year message that could be sent to Sangh Parivar Prime Minister Narendra Modi’. 

He says he has no words to thank Modi who has made the New Year memorable by increasing the price of LPG cylinder. “The Left parties and others will come to criticise you and belittle your New Year gift. Don’t take that seriously. We would silence them by rebuking them through Facebook,” he writes.      

“I saw a news report on TV that Modiji is going to reduce his foreign trips in 2016. Like batting in a T20 match, Modi visited 37 countries in 2015, in a very short time. We were expecting to see Modi hit a century in the number of foreign visits in 2016,” he adds sarcastically.

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