Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Police can take action against strikers interrupting studies: HC

KOCHI: Kerala High Court has made it clear that the police can intervene, if strikers go about interrupting studies in schools and colleges.    

The bench headed by Justice Chidambareswaram said “if college/school authorities lodge a complaint that strikers are hindering study classes, the police can remove the protesters from the protest venue.”

The court order came in response to the petition filed by Kochi School of Legal Studies, seeking the postponement of their exams. The reasoned that strikes had reduced their class hours to half the original duration.         
The court observed that unnecessary strikes had resulted in students losing their class hours. “So no one can force students to take part in a strike. Those who want to go for strike can go but no one can force somebody to join a strike. Even during the strike time, teachers have the right to conduct classes. The right to education should be protected

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