Saturday, January 2, 2016

VS likens LPG price hike to missile shot at commoners’ chest

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Opposition leader V S Achuthanandan has said hiking domestic/commercial LPG prices at the crack of the New Year dawn is like firing missile at the chest of common men.

“The price rise comes after the government avoided subsidy to persons with an annual income of more than Rs 10 lakh. This will lead to a situation when commoners too will have to forgo the subsidy. This is part of the government policy to phase out subsidies,” he said.  

“In the international market, as the price of crude oil has come down, the government’s expense for allowing subsidies will be lesser. The government has not slashed the petrol price, despite the crude oil price coming down. This is being done to help big corporates make big profits worth crores of rupees. And, Kerala government, on the other hand, has levied additional tax on the petrol. Thus it is  behaving like “a minister who eats what his prince kills,” Achuthanandan said.   

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