Saturday, February 13, 2016

Chief Minister has lost faith in Solar Commission: VS

HIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Opposition leader V S Achuthanandan has said Chief Minister Oomen Chandy has lost faith in the Solar Commission which he himself had appointed. “This was evidenced by the chief minister’s counsel who raised his voice against the Commission chairman at the time of recording statements,” VS said in a statement on Saturday  

“The chief minister’s swearing that he doesn’t have the habit of criticising the court whether its verdict is favourable or not to him has proved wrong. Justice Shivarajan had stated that he was pained to hear the comments made against the Commission by chief minister’s counsel Sreekumar and Minister Aryadan Muhammed’s counsel Raju Joseph.    

VS said counsel usually speaks out the party’s opinion in the court. The counsel raised his voice against the Commission for the chief minister. “The counsel arguing at the time of recording statements is totally wrong. So the people have come to realise the hollowness of chief minister’s earlier statements,” he said.

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