Saturday, February 13, 2016

P Jayarajan likely to be shifted to Kozhikode Medical College

KANNUR: CPM state panel member P Jayarajan undergoing treatment at the Pariyaram Cooperative Medical College Hospital, after remanded in the Kathiroor Manoj murder case, is likely to be shifted to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital.  This decision was taken as jail rules are against permitting treatment to an accused remanded in a private medical college. Jayarajan, who has heart ailments was admitted to Pariyaram Medical College Hospital for further treatment.

The details of his treatment at Pariyaram hospital has been handed over to Kozhikode Medical College. The doctors of Kozhikode hospital held discussions with the doctors of Pariyaram hospital. Most probably he will be shifted to Kozhikode.

CBI DySP Hari Om Prakash had yesterday issued a notice to Dr S M Ashraf, head of the cardiology department of Pariyaram hospital, treating Jayarajan. He has been directed to appear at the CBI camp office in Thalassery at 11 am tomorrow with his medical roads.

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