Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Can't remain lethargic when foes are targeting us: Mohanlal

Condemning the militant attack on Uri Army base, actor Mohanlal charged that Pakistan has committed a 'shameless' act by attacking India.
In the article titled "Amar Jawan Amar Bharat' published in his blog, Mohanlal exhorts the countrymen to stand united and identify the real enemy.

"Pakistan has provided training for the militants, who killed 18 brave hearts while they were resting in the Uri Army base. Any act of terror is disgraceful. The Mahabharata has already proved that attacking those who are in sleep is an extreme act of cowardice.Once India wakes up, the world will bow before it. It is a historical truth.
 I had been looking at the photographs of 18 soldiers who martyred in Uri and all of them were totally strangers. However, they are no more strangers for me. Beyond those, images I could saw their houses, their wailing family members, their kin, and children. With moist eyes, I salute those brave hearts."
"Being a member of the territorial army who got an opportunity to visit a number of significant military zones in Kashmir, I am aware of the challenges confronted by our soldiers. I know certain arm-chair activists who argue that they are paid remuneration for discharging their duty. With due respect, I'm inviting them to spend a day or at least an hour at these snow-covered spots where death is an uninvited guest. Then only one can understand the mindset of the person who has prepared himself to sacrifice his life for the country. Try to understand these facts before reacting or making comments on such incidents."
"I don't endorse wars. However, at a time when the daggers of enemies are piercing our hearts, we can't remain lethargic. It is unfitting and dishonorable to engage in wordy duels with vested interests when enemy is targeting us. Moves to resist and attack according to the situation are included in the agenda of a militarily equipped country."
"The depiction of security of our nation on the basis of theories formulated by persons, political outfits and separatists is akin to insult our soldiers who put up brave face before death."
"India should emerge united. Matters like religion, politics and ideology are useless at war -fronts. Each individual should turn a soldier and this is what the nation demands now."    

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