Monday, September 26, 2016

Vapour from cooled food creates panic in Moovatupuzha

Moovattupuzha: Milky vapours rose from a sardine fish curry even after a day of cooking, panicking locals. The incident took place at the house of Salim Ibrahim, Kochuparambil House near the Cental Juma Mazjid at Ward 2, Pauipra Panchayat.
Ibrahim's wife had cooked the fish curry for lunch and the family had dined on it too. They first observed vapours rising from the cooled down curry towards evening. The family grew frantically worried when they saw the same milky vapour escaping the curry even the next day morning.
Ward Member Naseema Sunil reached the spot and a crowd started building up with curious people reaching Ibrahim's house. The Food Inspector was informed but refused to come citing it was a Sunday. The road at Payipra junction got blocked due to the continuous visitor traffic.
The matter grew grave and the RDO and the District Collector were also informed of the incident. The police also reached the spot. Locals raised a demand asking the authorities to raid the shop from where the fish was purchased. Despite the choking concern of food safety, the Health Authorities postponed the raid to Monday.
The locals who consumed fish purchased from the same centre are all doing good so far but the concern whether any chemical preservative component was added to the fish created problem.
The incident has sparked widespread concern regarding the safety of food. Allegations have already been raised that chemicals like phosphorous are being used to preserve fish instead of ice. Such kind of fish preserved using carcinogenic and banned substances are being marketed as fresh fish.

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