Friday, September 23, 2016

State files review plea in Soumya murder case

NEW DELHI: The state government Friday filed a review plea in the Supreme Court against its decision to set aside the death sentence in the Soumya case. Serious lapses have occurred in the verdict of the Supreme Court, opined the government. The plea has stated that it is not right to say that Govindachamy has no role in her death and that he should be given death sentence.

The plea was filed before a bench led by Justice Renjan Gogoi. The government has requested to uphold the death sentence awarded to him by a lower court.

The government has pointed that section 300 in IPC was not considered seriously. The plea has asked why the court failed to consider section 302 in IPC. The government’s plea would be considered in the chamber of the judges. Soumya’s mother had filed a plea in the apex court yesterday.

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