Sunday, September 25, 2016

Protests against govt’s anti-people policies, says Chennithala

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Strong protests would be staged inside and outside the assembly against state government’s anti-people policies, said opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala. Though the government had promised to withdraw the increased fees of document registration, no steps have been taken so far. The government has a partnership with the managements of self-financing institutions.

The situation is such children are not able to study in ordinary fees. Higher fees cannot be approved at all, he said.

The government was not able to intervene effectively in the Soumya murder case. The same incident is likely to happen in the Jisha murder case also. The law and order situation is deteriorating in the state. 70 murders have already taken place in the state. 321 attacks were witnessed in Kannur alone. Denied is justice to all except the CPM. Harassment against women and children are on the rise, he said.

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