Friday, September 23, 2016

Goat, hens found dead in Attingal

ATTINGAL: Four hens and a goat owned by Attingal Vellurkonam Rajesh Bhavan resident Pankajakshan were found dead at his house today . He alleged that a pack of stray dogs had attacked the animals after damaging the hen coop. He said when the household members woke up hearing the commotion they saw dogs running away.

The locals said such incidents were common in Vellurkonam and Attingal Corporation had not been able to find a solution to the issue.

Meanwhile, a few animal activists in the area opined that dogs, who are deprived of food and water for weeks usually enter houses and make such attacks out of hunger. Feeding dogs in the area or keeping a pet dog in houses would solve such problems as dogs are calm once they are satiated and pet dogs will not allow other dogs to enter its house premise.  

"There have been also been instances when people fake 'stray dog attack stories' to seek compensation from insurance companies by fraud," they added.

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