Friday, September 23, 2016

Fissure on railway track in Varkala

VARKALA: A fissure on a rail track was noticed when the passenger train from Kollam to the capital city was about to pass. It was noticed near the Punnamoodu railway gate near Varkala Friday morning at 7.30 am. A major tragedy was averted following the timely intervention of a house wife nearby.

Kavya (22), a housewife noticed that the track was detached near the Punnamoodu railway gate on the Kollam-Thiruvananthapuram path. This was soon after the passenger train left Edava station and she immediately informed it to Anil Babu (18) and Sharath (23). They soon captured the picture of the fissure and sent it to the Punnamoodu railway gate keeper. A hint of alarm was given from Venkulam Gate after the message was passed to Varkala Station Master. Following the alarm, the train stopped near the Venkulam Gate. After an hour, authorities from Varkala strengthened the track by clamping it temporarily.  

Only by noon, the line could be welded and declared fit for the trains to pass. Trains through this way will be running late.

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