Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cook stabs youth to death

KOLENCHERI: A cook stabbed to death a security of a beer parlour over a trivial issue. The dead has been identified as Ajayan (37) of Idukki. The police are in search of Joy (59) of Neryamangalam. It has been hinted that Joy is in custody but the police has not confirmed it. The incident happened early Thursday morning at 1 am.

The two are staying with six others at the quarters on the opposite side of the beer parlour. As the beer parlour was closed yesterday, the others had gone home. The two were in an inebriated state. Ajayan never used to allow Joy the cook to sit in the revolving chair. This led to frequent brawls at home. A fight broke out on the Thiruonam day over the same issue.

Joy was sleeping on the floor when Ajayan came home last night. When Ajayan was going to his room, he stamped Joy lying on the floor. In a fit of rage, Joy kook the knife and stabbed him to death when he was sleeping. Soon after stamping him, he went to a nearby hotel and told the manager that someone stabbed Ajayan. When he came to the room, saw Ajayan lying in a pool of blood. Though he was taken to Kolencheery medical college, his life could not be saved.

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