Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Aadu Antony was overpowered by police

PALAKKAD:  Aadu Antony was picked up on Tuesday morning from the premises of a woman in Dharapuram along Kerala boarder by a police team led by Special Branch DySP Sunil Kumar. 

The police came to know about his whereabouts after tracking the phone calls he made to his wife in Coimbatore and his son who is studying in Ottapalam deaf and dumb school. He was nabbed using physical force. 

Dharapuram came under the observation of the police after they got the information that Antony paid occasional visits to the woman’s house.

After months’ of observation, the police carried out the arrest after confirming it was Antony who visited the woman’s house. He had reached the house wearing pants and shirt and with a clean shaven head.

Police had earlier information that he lived in and around Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. They also kept certain women’s houses under close watch as women were said to be his weakness.

Interestingly, Antony didn’t use a mobile phone and he made calls from toll booths and hence tracing his phone calls was difficult.

Police said there are more than 300 cases against him inside and outside the state. The cases include murder including killing of policemen, robbery including stealing of goats and cheating/sexually harassing women after promising to marry them. 

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