Sunday, December 20, 2015

Left administrative committee comes to power in Pariyaram

KANNUR: In Pariyaram Medical College, the Left administrative committee under CPM leader M V Jayarajan has come to power. Sekharan Miniyodan is the vice-chairman. In the 13-member administrative committee, CMP Aravindakshan group also has representation. C K Narayanan is the CMP member. Of late, Aravindakshan group has been working in coordination with the Left group.

It was last year that the government decided to take over Pariyaram Medical College. At that time, the college had accrued a financial liability of Rs 498 crore. As it is brought under the government, 100 merit seats for MBBS will come into exist. The staff pattern will also become similar to that in other government medical colleges. Excess staff will have to go out. However, M V Jayarajan has warned if such a situation arises, they will begin agitation against the move.

At present, Praiyaram Medical College hospital has 1200 beds. Medical college annexes such as Dental College, Hridalayam, Pharmacy College, Nursing College and Pariyaram Public school will come under the government. 

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