Monday, December 21, 2015

Letter handed over to Balakrishna Pillai, says Saritha S Nair

KOCHI: The letter written by me when arrested and lodged in Pathanamthita jail in the solar case, was handed over to Kerala Congress (B) chairman R Balakrishna Pillai, said Saritha S Nair, one of the main accused in the case. Meantime, she sought more time to hand over the letter to Justice Sivarajan Commission probing the case.

She said the letter was handed over to the jail superintendent. "The allegation of the superintendent that the letter contains 21 pages is false. The letter was later handed over to my advocate Fenny Balakrishnan. It was Fenny who handed over the letter to Pillai via K B Ganesh Kumar’s PA."

Meantime, she lodged a complaint against the police in connection with solar case investigation. After arresting her in the case, her house was examined before she was taken there to collect evidence. The police took her laptop and hard discs. She told the commission that when she was brought later to her house to collect evidence, nothing could be recovered.

"The Perumbavoor police did not produce in the court all the things seized while arresting her.  The police seized her laptop, four mobile phones, three pen drives and six discs. Only the laptop and two mobiles were produced in the court. At the time of her arrest, she had Rs 55,000 in her account. However, it was missing later. There is no information regarding the amount," she said.

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