Monday, December 21, 2015

MPs’ job is not to peep into somebody’s kitchen, says Innocent

NEW DELHI: Actor and MP Innocent has demanded in the Lok Sabha that the government restrict hospitals that squeeze money out of poor patients. Many hospitals are exploiting people in the name of treatment. His Lok Sabha speech was in Malayalam.

“Voters elect candidates and send them to Parliament, expecting that they do something useful to the people. And therefore MPs job is not to peep into somebody’s kitchen to find out what food is being eaten there. Hospitals drive a hard bargain over medicine prices. They function as mere garment shops. The patients are admitted in hospitals in advance as it is for business purpose.

Hospitals are controlled by pharma companies and test labs. Hospital corporates in connivance with  big pharma mafias decides on things like the number of heart operations to be done in a month, number of stents to be used and number of ultra sound scan to be done,” said Innocent who also quipped, “does anyone know the hospital price of a stent?”  

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