Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Communists alone cannot resist fascists: Mukundan

KANNUR: Noted Novelist M Mukundhan said that the Communist parties have no power to resist single for the functioning of fascist forces in the country. Now the Communist parties have shown good strength in Kerala only and had weaken in other parts of the country. Mukundan said this while inaugurating a symposium "Fascism in India" organized by district Congress Committee (DCC) at Chamber hall here, as part of KPCC president’s Jana Raksha Yathra programme. This is the first time that Mukundan is attending a political programme organized by Congress party in Kerala.

Mukundan called that all the secular thinking political parties led by Congress and Communist parties should cooperate after ignore the small issues and jointly conduct struggle against fascist forces to save the nation. He opined that fascist have get inroads in India by using the quarrels between Left and right political parties. He also commented that the cow slaughtering is also called another type of fascism. If it is ban the animals will faced to find difficult for foods and water due to increase the number of old aged animals.

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