Monday, January 4, 2016

Gold ornaments worth 1.5 crore missing from bus

ALUVA: Six kilograms of gold worth 1.5 crore brought from Bangalore to distribute to jewellery shops in Kochi has been found stolen during a bus journey. The gold was missing from the bag of Mahesh, a native of Bangalore, and a passenger of Kallada Travels, when it reached Aluva at 7 am. Mahesh left Bangalore last evening. He dosed off in between the journey. He awoke when the bus passed Aluva Athani and when he examined the bag, he found the gold missing.

He alighted from the bus and informed the Aluva police. Though the passengers were examined under a team led by Principal sub inspector P A Faizal, the gold was not recovered.  Mahesh usually brings gold for major jewelleries in Kochi. Some passengers had got down at the main cities including Angamali, Chalakudy and Thrissur. If the complaint is honest, then the person who have stolen it might have got down at the next town.

Meantime, the police cannot believe that a person carrying so much gold sleeping after keeping the bag in the berth. As the police officers are busy as the governor is in the Aluva Palace, they have not been able to record his statement. A detailed investigation will be conducted later.

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