Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Indian cyber hackers pay homage to Niranjan

BENGALURU: Paying homage to martyred Lt Col Niranjan, Indian cyber hackers sneaked into Pak websites on Wednesday

Indian Black Hats, a hacker group based in Kerala, is behind the daring act. They secretly broke into seven Pak websites including that of Pak bar council.

However, they have not tampered with any file in respective servers. Instead, they have uploaded the photo of Niranjan's daughter.

The photo caption goes like this: Indian Black Hats' humble reverence to brave jawans who attained martyrdom in Pathankot.

"We just wanted to pass a message to Pak citizens, the reason why we uploaded the photo. This is not a cyber war but a warning to Pakistan," a member of Indian Black Hats said.

Recently, when Pak hackers hacked Kerala government's official website, a Malayali hacker group gave a tit-for-tat reply by hacking 400 Pak websites. Mallu Cyber Soldiers were behind the act.

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