Monday, January 4, 2016

No religion for music: Surendran

THIRVANANTHAPURAM: BJP leader K Surendran has criticised those who are planning protest against Ghazal wizard Gulam Ali's performance in Kerala. 

He has expressed his opinion through his Facebook page. He says Shiva Sena’s act of burning the effigy of Gulam Ali was disrespectful.

He says: A section of people protesting against World renowned Ghazal singer Gulam Ali’s singing in Kerala is reproachful. Linking this to Pak terrorists' attack in Punjab is against India's culture. India's vision has the strength to integrate all thought streams into it. Poisoning art and literature is like handing over arms to terrorists. Gulam Ali is a world famous singer. People of Kozhikode will welcome him whole-heartedly. Stands can’t be taken looking at the colour of the organisers' flag. Music has no caste or religion. I am not questioning Shiv Sena's freedom to burn his effigy. But it is mean.

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