Monday, January 4, 2016

Taming Cancer: Medical College docs win laurels at ESMO Asia 2015 Congress

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Medical college doctors who had succeeded in taming Cancer have received ‘bouquets’ of honour at ‘ESMO Asia 2015 Congress’, a conference of International oncologists held at Singapore.

These doctors were able to revive to a great extent, through chemotherapy and radiation, the health and motility of patients struck down by multiple myeloma, a cancer that affects bone marrow. In the conference, it was opined that this was a great achievement. World-renowned doctors attending the conference congratulated the three doctors.

Medical College Oncology Department second Unit chief and Associate Professor Dr Aravind S Anand had submitted a thesis on Multiple Myeloma. The experts opined that the thesis was novel in content and laudable.

From the same department, senior resident Dr P S Sabarinath and Resident Dr Vipin George presented the poster on cancer affecting the large intestine. The above conference held under the aegis of European Society of Medical College selected four theses from India.

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