Friday, January 1, 2016

Veerendra Kumar not my foe: Pinarayi

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: CPM Politburo member Pinarayi Vijayan has said that he has no enmity towards Janata Dal (United) president M P Veerendra Kumar. “I think that Veerendra Kumar also has no enmity towards me. I think the time has come when we have to fight unitedly,” Pinarayi said after releasing the book ‘Irul Parakkunna Kalam’, authored by the JD(U).

“When I say there is no enmity, I don’t mean there is no differences of opinion between us. That differences are merely political. We have accepted the differences. Relationship with Veerendra Kumar is based on mutual love, respect and ideologies. Criticising Veerendra Kumar for migrating to UDF was a natural thing but it had not gone to the level of grudge. 
When we were together and not so later, I gave him all respect. During emergency period we spent time in jail together,” said Pinarayi, adding that he respected Veerendra Kumar’s creative works.

Pinarayi took exception to the remark that “enemy is releasing enemy’s book” and said it was mere interpretation. “Socialists’ natural place is Left front. To make what people wishes to see a reality, some mistakes will have to be corrected. There should be second thoughts, if it is necessary,” he added.

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