Monday, February 15, 2016

Nava Kerala March concludes; VS turns show-stopper

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In the concluding ceremony of Nava Kerala March on Monday evening at Shangumugham, veteran leader VS Achuthanand’s speech was the much-awaited one. In his unique style of delivering speeches tinged with sarcasm and humour, he easily made his talk endearing to the motely crowd of Left loyalists before him.

Achuthanadnan said, some days ago, a similar yatra was held by Sudheeran and his team. “Congress vice-president Rahul asked the LDF what it liquor policy was. To ask this mere question why should he rent a flight and come all the way here. He should have just called up our Kodiyeri and ask him this question. Interestingly he also asked his party to stop inflight that too, for just two months till the election got over” he said.

VS ridiculed Congress leader A K Antony for his comment that the CPM and its ideologies would rather remain in glassed cage for 1000years. ‘While saying this, Antony should have remembered the number of Congress MPs in Parliament. From the amazing figure of 440 it has now come down to 44,” he said.

The 94-year-old leader said, Sangh Parivar forces are ruling the roost in the country. “Even an attack was attempted at Yechury’s office. RSS was not anywhere near National Freedom Movement and now they are even walking and up and down to build a temple or Gandhi Killer Godse,” he said.

“Oommen Chandy is entering a secret alliance with RSS as he wants to return to power by some hook or crook. He ruined Public Distribution System to help Corporates. Whether it is Solar scam or bar bribery case ministers, in his Cabinet are involved in some way or other,” he said.

Lastly, Achuthanandan also directed his tirade against Vellapaly Natesan and his son for allegedly cheating thousands of women in the name of Microfinance scheme.  

Concluding his short and well-balanced speech, Achuthanadan told the UDF and BJP to shed their dreams of coming to power by some alliances or secret understandings.

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