Thursday, February 4, 2016

P C George expelled; Kerala Congress (Secular) looks up to UDF?

KOCHI: It is seems Kerala Congress (secular) who has expelled former government chief whip P C George is showing some affinity towards UDF.

Party chairman T S John said at a press conference that George was expelled from the party for making statements against the party policy and indulging in character assassination of prominent UDF leaders. “PC George is only party’s special invitee. George violated the party decision not to speak in favour of the LDF until the party got assurance from the Front regarding its entry into the Front.”   

 “We can’t accept the decision of the LDF not to allow us entry and instead go for local understanding with us prior to the Assembly election. In the next Assembly election, we shall not cooperate with the LDF. From today onwards discussion will be held with the other Fronts,” John said.

When asked whether Kerala Congress ( Secular) would be holding talks with UDF, John said that fact could not be totally ruled out. He added confidently that the Front that would be supported by his party would win the election.

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