Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rahul has assured LDF’s victory in Assembly election: Pinarayi

CHENGANOOR: CPM Politburo member Pinarayi Vijayan has sarcastically said Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi, on Tuesday, assured the victory of the LDF in the coming Assembly election.

“Rahul asked the CPM to clarify its liquor policy only because he was sure that the LFD would come to power in the next Assembly election,” Pinarayi commented at the press conference held on Wednesday in connection with the Nava Kerala march.

 “The CPM’s stand is abstinence from alcohol as alcohol ban is not practical. The policy will remain for one year. Listening to Rahul, one will get the feeling that there is total alcohol ban in Kerala. There has not been any reduction in the liquor usage in Kerala. Rahul said corruption would not be tolerated when the former UPA government was after corruption, one after the other. I don’t know what made Antony to say Kerala’s present government is the best government,” Pinaryi said.

The CPM leader also criticised CBI, describing it as an agency that conducts a procession of follies. “It has become a puppet in the hands of the BJP government. No one should try to threaten the CPM by jailing them. Everyone has the right to obtain justice. P Jayarajan is also trying for that,” he added.

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