Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Solar commission comes down heavily on CM’s counsel

KOCHI: The solar commission came down heavily on chief minister’s counsel for trying to defame Saritha S Nair, an accused in the solar case. "The chief minister’s counsel Sreekumar is questioning her like in a criminal case, blamed commission chairman Justice Sivarajan. The commission will not record the unnecessary questions asked. The chief minister sitting before the commission for 14 hours is not a big thing. Questions related to other cases of Saritha will not be permitted," he said.

Sreekumar said the commission is allowing Saritha to say anything. The commission has not censured those who asked unnecessary questions to the chief minister. If this is so, then the crossing should be shelved, said Sreekumar.

However, Sivarajan said nobody asked unnecessary questions to the chief minister. The solar case is under the consideration of the commission. Any questions can be asked on it. Saritha’s advocate C D Johnny requested that crossing as per commission and enquiries act 8 B should only be conducted.

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