Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jose Maveli arrested for abetting illegal killing of harmless stray dogs

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Infamous social worker Jose Maveli, notorious for promoting and abetting the illegal killing of hundreds of harmless stray dogs, was arrested on Monday evening by Nedumbassery police.

Despite strong Supreme Court order banning the mindless killing of stray dogs, Jose Maveli in connivance with affluent business man Kochouseph Chittilappilly, have been going on a killing spree in the name of putting an end to the so-called street dog menace. Chittilappilly had even come out, with malicious propaganda to kill dogs by offering money to the killers and misguiding people in terms of law of the land. The other day the video of Chittilapilly giving cheque worth Rs 50,000 to Piravom Cuncillor Jils, who had led the wanton killing of dogs including a pregnant dog, in Piravom a few days ago, had gone viral.

As if lured by Chittilappilly’s reward money, Aluva Chengamanad Grama Panchayat members also had facilitated the brutal killing of about 26 dogs including pet dogs, earlier in the day. Jose Maveli also was present to witness the killing and encourage the unscrupulous act.

Ernakulam SPCA President Sajeevan said Maveli already had about five cases against him for killing dogs and repeat of the crime would make it a more serious offence. “At the time of getting bail in earlier cases, he had given an undertaking that he would not resort to or abet killing of dogs. Since he has committed the offence again and again, Kerala Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act (KAAPA) may be invoked against him”.


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