Thursday, September 1, 2016

Self-financing: Rift among managements, talks to be postponed

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Uncertainty looms over admissions to self-financing medical and dental courses after some differences of opinion broke out amongst the managements over the government fees. A new crisis broke out after a group of the managements requested to permit them to receive 4.40 lakh charged by inter church council in the merit seat. Following that, the managements gave a letter to the chief minister asking him to postpone the meet to be held with the chief minister in the evening.

The new issue cropped up after talks held with the managements of self-financing medical and dental management reached nowhere yesterday. A decision could not be taken due to the dispute over the fees on the 30% of the 50 % merit seats given to the government.  The government was against managements’ stand to charge Rs 12.5 lakh for the 30% seats.

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