Thursday, September 8, 2016

Supreme Court asks for evidence against Govindachamy in Soumya murder case

NEW DELHI: A setback for the prosecution in the Soumya murder case. The Supreme Court asked for evidence for Govindachamy pushing her from the train and also asked the prosecution to convince them. However, the prosecution did not have a clear answer for it. The apex body later warned the prosecution asking not to speculate things. Former judge Thomas P Joseph appeared for the government. Govindachamy was given death sentence in the murder case.

Meantime, a three-member division bench consisting of Justices Renjan Gogoi said Soumya was a rape victim and are convinced on it. The court asked whether she was pushed from the train or whether she jumped on her own.   

Death penalty was recommended pointing the two bruises seen in her body. The one seen in her head was serious. However, the prosecution failed in proving that it happened when he pushed her from the train. So, chances for the death penalty had weakened.  The Supreme Court further opined to ensure twice when circumstantial evidence is produced. As the argument in the appeal has been completed, the court to postponed  pronounce the verdict.

Soumya (26), who was travelling in the Ernakulam-Shornur passenger was brutally raped by Govindachamy on February 1 in 2011. She died on February 6 after being in the hospital for six days. He was arrested on the next day of the incident. The Thrissur Fast Track Court awarded him death sentence. Though a plea was filed in the high court, his death penalty was upheld. Following that, he moved the Supreme Court.

Advocate Aloor who appeared for the accused in lower courts appeared for him in the Supreme Court also.

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