Saturday, September 17, 2016

Women also to join 'pulikali' in Thrissur

THRISSUR: In the pulikali (leopard dance) to be held in Thrissur this time, women will be part of the event. It is for the first time, women will be taking part in pulikali.

Three women will be in the 51-member team from Viyyur that will perform on Saturday.

The women participants are workers of an organisation called Wings working for the empowerment of women. A team led by ASI Vinaya has taken the initiative to join the event. Besides Vinaya, there will be Divya from Malappuram and Zakeena from Kozhikode.   

Meanwhile, Viyyur has kept under wraps the details of the performance. But when the ‘tigers’ come out on roads tomorrow, the woman artistes will turn the centre of attraction.

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