Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bevco shops will not be closed, says Excise Minister

KOZHIKODE: None of the bevco shops will be closed in the state, said Excise Minister T P Ramakrishnan. The announcement of the former UDF Government that 10% of liquor outlets will be closed yearly is not practical. If it continues, 306 liquor shops including outlets of beverages corporation and consumerfed will have to be closed, he said.

The LDF Government wants liquor abstinence to go instead of total prohibition. The policy brought by the previous UDF government has not benefited the people. The sale of liquor increased gradually even after the closure of bars, he said.

There are presently 270 outlets under beverages and 36 under consumerfed. The UDF government had shut down 68 outlets of beverages corporation and 10 of consumerfed since 2014.

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