Monday, September 12, 2016

Draft notification on ensuring quality of liquor issued

NEW DELHI: The National Food Safety authority has issued draft notification which includes guidelines to ensure the quality of liquor.  

In the notification, it is said that neither Chloral Hydrate nor Ammonium Chloride should be used in the liquor in anyway. It also mentions things like how long a bottle of liquor can be preserved and how it can be prepared.  

This is for the first time that the National Food Safety authority is bringing out a law to ensure the quality of liquor.
The notification also mentions the ingredients and their quantity to be used in different liquor brands. It talks about criteria for storing liquor. It further says that that the authority’s instructions should be followed while transporting liquor from manufacturing units to sale outlets. The guidelines were prepared by the authority last June and handed over to the health ministry.

The authority issued the draft after studying the recommendations it had received in this regard. The final notification will be issued after discussions with liquor companies.

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