Friday, September 2, 2016

Humiliating schoolgirls: Police questions actor Sreejith Ravi

OTTAPALAM: Actor Sreejith Ravi was today summoned by police for questioning in connection with a complaint in which a person inside a car flashed his private parts at school girls. The person allegedly stop his car near the girls, who were on their way to school. He then allegedly did the humiliating act and even tried to take selfie with the girls.

The incident is said to have happened at Ottapalam in Palakkad.

Sreejith landed in trouble after the number for the car the girls had jotted down belonged to the actor.
The girls said the man inside the car drove away fast after they raised alarm. Following this their parents lodged a complaint with the police.

There are allegations that girls were threatened by the police to withdraw the complaint when they called in to the station late in the evening. At this time, there were no women police officers in the station.

Meanwhile, Sreejith Ravi said the allegations against him were false. “Unfortunately the number noted down by the girls belonged to my car. They may have wrongly noted the number. I have explained my side to the police. I hope the picture will become clear soon. If I had been the person, the children would have mentioned my name in the complaint. The students would be knowing me. The police is making further inquiry,” he added.

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