Thursday, September 15, 2016

Prosecution’s failure reason for quashing death sentence, says adv Aloor

NEW DELHI: The reason for Supreme Court quashing the death sentence of Govindachamy in the Soumya murder case is the failure caused by the police and the prosecution, said defense counsel B A Aloor. The police and the prosecution failed in collecting evidence and submitting it and this helped my client, Aloor said.

The biggest failure of the prosecution is that it could not prove the murder of Soumya. The trial of the media and approaching the case emotionally may have influenced the trial and the high courts. That is why the lower court awarded death sentence to the convict. If the trial court had awarded life sentence then it couldn’t have been questioned in the apex court. A plea would be filed seeking to shift Govindachamy to a jail in Karnataka, he said.

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