Monday, September 12, 2016

Banks start filing cash at ATMs in Kerala

Kochi: The ATMs in the state which went cashless from Saturday onwards due to the continuous holidays  declared by banks are being replenished with cash. An understanding has been reached to refill more cash in ATMs that is being frequented by people.
Banks in the state functioned last Friday and would reopen only on Thursday following Bakrid and Onam festivals. The banks have declared 5 days holidays and the ATMs in the state have gone dry from Saturday onwards,
Following complaints that most ATMs have gone cashless, the government intervened and instructed all banks to refill the cash machines. The govt directive was issued to the bankers association in a meeting held with them.
Generally, ATMs would store cash upto Rs 7 Lack Bankers stated that people have withdrawn huge amount of money during weekends and that was the reason for the ATMs to have gone cashless.
The ATMs of private and new generation banks are refilled by agencies entrusted with the task. but the ATMs belonging to various public sector banks are being filled by the respective bank branches and hence ATMs of public sector branches went dry.
SBI officials stated that Rs60 crore were withdrawn from its ATMs on Sunday. Banks are undertaking all measures to refill ATM immediately once they go cashless. Even SBT officials informed that their ATMs are being refilled quickly once it goes cashless.

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