Monday, September 12, 2016

Doctor dies after consuming medicine to prove innocence

KOCHI: An ayurvedic doctor who consumed the medicine given to a patient to prove that it was not dangerous to health, surrendered to death on Monday. He was paralysed soon after consuming the medicine and after nine years he died. He has been identified as Baiju (38), son of M Ayyappan and Leela of Payipra.

The incident happened on January 25 in 2007. Baiju prescribed a medicine for Shantha suffering from joint pains when she came to his clinic in Bison Valley. Soon after having the medicine, she fell unconscious. In order to prove his innocence, he consumed the same medicine and collapsed. Though he was taken to the hospital, the doctors said that he had been paralysed.  He lost the ability to speak also.

In an investigation, it was found that the pesticide organo phosperous sprayed in cardamom fields was peppered in it. However, it was alleged that Shantha’s husband mixed poison in the medicine following a family dispute. He was later arrested. The probe later was not fruitful. Baiju, who was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Kothamangalam was later shifted to a private hospital in Ernkulam after found brain dead.

He leaves behind his wife Dr Shincy and children Vishnu and Vaishnavi.

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