Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Muneer justifies his participation in Ganesha festival

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Former Minister MK Muneer has come out with his explanation over his participation in the Ganesha festival. Muneer had taken part in the Ganesha festival recently held by Siva Sena and Ganeshotsava Samithy at Kallittanaday, for which he had received flak from different quarters. The social media also had pitched into shower criticism on him.

In reply to the criticism, he jotted down on his Facebook page today that a Ganesha festival would not end his beliefs. Siva Sena, RSS or SDPI will not be able to destroy his beliefs.   

“The blood that runs through my veins is same as that of my father, who had asked me not to trust RSS, even if I had to go and pray in the middle of the sea. I’m ready to say this even after entering any leopard’s den.  My belief is deeply rooted in me. Siva Sena, RSS or SDPI will not be able to destroy that. I’m ready to stand with head held high to preserve secularism. Most of the people who had gathered at the celebration had no politics. There were about 1500 families and all are my voters. It is my moral responsibility to be affectionate to them. I am not bothered about what SDPI or RSS feel about this. But, if this has inconvenienced my party I  apologise to them,” he explained

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