Friday, September 2, 2016

National strike affects VSSC functioning

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The day-to-day activities of ISRO research centres in Thiruvananthapuram got affected by today’s National strike.

The strikers hindered the transport of rocket parts to Sreeharikotta Sateeesh Dhavan centres. ISRO officials said that the strike had resulted in losses of crores of rupees to the ISRO. 

Many meetings that were to be held in connection with the rocket launches were also shelved. “In its 20 yr history, nothing of this sort has happened in its Thiruvananthapuram centres,” they said.

About 60 buses transporting employees were blocked on their way to different centres. About 300 strikers blocked the bus garages. No physical or police forces were used against them and later senior party leaders stepped in. After two-hour long compromise talks, they were able to disperse the agitators.     

VSSC buses were also stoned at Sreekaryam. As the transport facilities got disrupted, the attendance in the three ISRO centres were below 30 per cent.

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