Monday, September 12, 2016

Relatives receive message of Dr Ijas wife’s delivery

KASARGOD: The relatives of Refaila, wife of Dr Ijaz of Thrikkaripur, suspected to have joined ISIS, received a message via Whatsapp that she has delivered a baby girl. The message was obtained in Ijaz’ sister’s phone in Padanna early Monday morning. The message came from the phone of Ashaq, who helped Ijaz and his family to flee the country. The message has been handed over to the NIA.

Refaila had earlier sent a message to her father saying that she left the country seeking a job and had asked them not to worry about her. Though she had stated that she did not leave the place for terrorist activities, she did not mention from where the message was sent.

The NIA is probing on the 17 persons missing including Ijaz’ two-year-old son, his brother Shihaz, wife Ajmala etc.

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