Monday, April 4, 2016

Extensive Flex campaign against K Sudhakaran

KANNUR: An extensive flex campaign is going on against Congress leader K Sudhakaran in the Kannur city and nearby areas regarding the candidate selection in the Kannur Assembly constituency.

The poster asks why a person who was born to lose was selected over the person who was born to win.
The flexes can be seen in Kannur city, Town and Tottada areas. But it is not known whose handiwork it is. Later a team led by KSU district president Sudeep James removed all such flex boards.

Though Satheeshan Pacheni is a leader acceptable both to the Congress and UDF, a mixed response came out against him within the Congress in the eleventh hour, thanks to Group politics.  

A group in the ‘I’ group has come out to oppose the person who had been functioning for the benefit of the A group till the other day. But many in the Sudhakaran group feel that by bringing Satheeshan Pacheni to the I group, they could ‘finish’ the A Group.  
Though A group is dejected over Pacheni reaching the I camp, many among them are not blaming Pacheni. They opine that the move should be seen as a tactic to ensure that Pacheni got a recognition that he deserved.

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