Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fireworks at Sabarimala banned

SABARIMALA: Fireworks in Sabarimala was banned on Tuesday. Pathanathitta District Collector Hari Kishore banned the fireworks based on the report submitted by the police and Fire force that fireworks were conducted without following proper safety measures.  
The police had earlier reported that the fireworks were being conducted in Sabarimala without following safety instructions. Crackers for the fireworks were stored near copra shed. Mounts of temple waste were also burnt  near this very Copra shed. This is a great threat to the safety of devotees. 420 kg explosives has been stocked without licence. Devaswom Board’s licence to keep possession of explosives expired on March 31. Though the board was asked to renew the licence, it has been showing a negligent attitude,” the report had said.

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