Thursday, April 7, 2016

Jumbo gores to death two mahouts in Kottayam

KOTTAYAM: The elephant, Channanikkad Ayyappam, who turned hostile at Kottayam Karukachal Chambakkal gored to death two mahouts on Thursday. 

The dead has been identified as Gopikrishnan (60) and Kannan (30). The incident happened while the animal was made to work in a saw mill. The incident happened at 3:30 in the evening.

Ayyappan pushed Gopikrishnan to the ground and gored him and Kannan who approached to save the former was also attacked. Gopikrishnan died on the way to hospital and Kannan died at Kottayam Medical College.  

Most saw mills are virtual hell for captive elephants, where they are made to overwork. When the torture becomes unbearable the elephants turns against their tormentors. Unfortunately, most of these heinous crime goes unnoticed and the culprits get off scot-free. 

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