Thursday, April 7, 2016

One more Keralite’s name appears in Panama documents

PANAMA CITY: The name of one more Keralite is said to be appearing in the leaked Panama documents that have brought out the names of Indians who have secret investments in Panama City. The name is Dinesh Parameswaran, a native of Pathanamthitta Ranni. He is the director of Gilding Trading Company.      

Earlier the name of Singapore-based Thiruvananthapuram native George Mathew was also found. He has made investments in the name of six companies including Zone Rythm International Ltd and Wonderful Solutions Ltd. In these companies George is either the director or director nominee. He has used the addresses in Singapore and Kerala.   

George said he need not abide by Reserve Bank of India rules as he is an NRI, who had migrated to Singapore 12 years ago. Panama companies belonged to his associates and Indian Tax laws were not applicable to them.

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