Friday, April 8, 2016

Saritha refutes Fenny’s statement, challenges CM

KOCHI: Solar scam accused Saritha S Nair has refuted her former counsel Fenny Balakrishnan’s revelation that the letter purportedly written by her in which she had alleged sexual abuse by ministers including the chief minister is fake. She alleged on Thursday that Fenny had taken lakhs of money from leaders when she was in jail and she had proof for that.

She even challenged the chief minister to prove his charge that she was speaking untruth after taking money from his political foes. She also dared the chief minister to come out for lie-detector test.

She asked why there was no interest shown to probe charges against CM and telephonic conversations of Thampanoor Ravi and Benny Behannan.

Saritha said that she would make public videos to prove that her allegations related to leaders including the chief minister are true.

She added that the letter that was leaked recently was written by her.

Earlier, Fenny had said that the letter had many new additions and corrections made in a later stage. The sexual abuse charge made against the chief minister is fake as it was not mentioned in the original letter.

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