Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Operation Anantha: HC orders to demolish parts of Rajadhani Building

KOCHI: A division bench of the Kerala High Court Tuesday ordered to demolish the parts of the building owned by bar owner Biju Ramesh after encroachment was found as part of Operation Anantha.

The court has ordered to demolish the Rajadhani Building at East Fort, which has been found to encroach upon the Thekkanamkara canal. Meantime, the court has directed to demolish the part without damaging the main building. The demolition steps should be taken after measuring accurately the encroached place. The division bench today removed the stay which Biju obtained against the demolition.

Meantime, Biju Ramesh said the high court order was to demolish the building if it is in the puramboke land, but it is not. The Thekkanamkara canalcould be seenonly if the five-storeyed building is demolished completely. He said that he has the valid documents to show that the building is not in the puramboke land. The government decided to demolish the building after corruption allegations were levelled against the government. A favorable order is obtained after misleading the court. Biju said that he will deal it legally.

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