Monday, March 28, 2016

Alleged killer of nine arrested

KOCHI: A ripper who allegedly killed nine persons over a period of ten years was arrested in Kochi on Monday. The arrested man was Ernakulam Thevara Memmanjimukku Kinattingal house resident Saviour (42) aka Kunjumon.

According to the police, he roamed around the streets in the night and took money from the pockets of those who are sleeping on waysides as he was desperately in need of money for buying liquor and drugs.

During his attempt to steal money, if the victims woke up and opposed or attacked him, he would move away. After they have fallen asleep, he resurface with stones and smash them to death.

It is also suspected that he has committed similar kinds of felony in other parts of the State.

Kunjumon came to be arrested in the case in which Unnikrishnan alias Nejunni was murdered in a shed near North Railway Station. Deputy Police Commissioner Dr Arul Krishna said other murders came to light after he was interrogated.

Unnikrishnan’s head was smashed on the ninth of this month. Initially the police didn’t get any clue and it then they got the information that Unnikrishnan’s friend had gone into hiding. In the search that ensued, he was arrested from near North over bridge on Sunday. He is understood to have killed his friend after a drunken brawl.

Police said he stole money to buy drugs and liquor; he consumed six ampules of drugs every day. He also became violent once he consumed liquor. For some time he had been admitted for de-addiction treatment in an ashram near Peechi dam. He was not married and stayed with his sister. He used to go for painting works in Kannur and other districts.

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