Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Kalabhavan Mani’s viscera to be examined in Hyderabad lab

KOCHI: Police probing the mysterious death of Kalabhavan Mani withdrew from examining the viscera and blood samples of the actor at the forensic lab in Kakkanad, Kochi. The police have taken back the samples. They have now decided to send the samples to the forensic lab in Hyderabad. The presence of chlorpyrifos was noticed at the lab in Kakkanad.

However, the doctors who examined the actor at the Amritha Hospital were not able to find the presence of the pesticide in his body.  Chlorpyrifos, the insecticide has got a foul smell. If the quantity of it is more, then the doctors of Thrissur Medical College who conducted the postmortem should notice it, but they did not find it. Meantime, they expressed suspicion on some poisonous substance in his body. But they were not sure of the presence of chlorpyrifos. Based on it, they sent the samples to the forensic lab in Kakkanad. The presence of the insecticide not noticed in the private hospital and medical college was noticed in the government lab in Kakkanad.

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