Sunday, March 20, 2016

CPM-DYFI protest against KPAC Lalitha’s candidature

THRISSUR: The grumbling within the LDF over the selection of actress KPAC Lalitha as CPM candidate has become louder in Wadakkanchery. Here and in nearby areas posters have started appearing against the selection of KPAC Lalitha.

The words on posters express the dissent of the CPM cadres over KPAC Lalitha’s candidature and they convey messages like, “We don’t want a person with no previous experience in politics”.

Earlier, the CPM leadership had instructed that the cadres should not make such public statements.
It had also warned of strict action against those not maintaining party discipline. But, the posters have been put up neglecting all those warnings. Though Lalitha’s candidature was decided, no official declaration was made in this regard.

Meanwhile, KPAC Lalitha has been out of station for shooting purposes and today she will be returning home. The poster campaign was started considering this fact as well.

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